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NJ Employment discrimination frequently asked questions

As a service to prospective clients and anyone struggling with discriminatory conduct in the workplace, Deutsch Atkins, P.C., one of New Jersey’s largest and most successful employment discrimination law firms, presents answers to pressing questions:

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Experienced attorneys at Deutsch Atkins, P.C., are available to discuss your discrimination, whistle blowing, Family and Medical Leave Act, restrictive covenant, or other matter related to employee rights. Call 551.245.8894 or contact our office online to schedule a confidential consultation. We have offices in Bergen County, New Jersey; Rockland County, New York; and Manhattan.

Q: Can my employer fire me because of my religion?

A: Employees are usually protected in the workplace from discrimination because of sincerely held religious beliefs, but there are exceptions. Consult with a NJ discrimination lawyer to determine if you have a case.

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Q: I had a bad review and my employer says if I don’t shape up I’m going to be fired. But I’m pregnant. Am I protected?

A: Your pregnancy does not justify not fulfilling your obligations at work, so no, you are not protected.

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Q: If I get fired and a younger employee is kept, is that discrimination?

A: If you’re 40 or older, you’re protected against age discrimination. Age cannot be the decisive factor in your firing. It must be related to your work. Contact a discrimination lawyer in New Jersey to see if you have a case.

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Q: My employer keeps yelling at me for no reason. Is that discrimination?

A: It is not illegal for an employer to yell at employees, particularly if he or she yells at every employee. However, if you are being targeted unfairly, you may have a case. Contact a NJ discrimination lawyer to determine whether or not you have a case.

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Q: What must my attorney prove to win an employment discrimination case?

A: A New Jersey discrimination attorney must show that his or her client

  • Is a member of a protected class
  • Is qualified to do the job
  • Was discharged
  • Was replaced by someone outside the protected class

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Q: What types of damages can I recover for age discrimination?

A: Depending on the facts of the situation, a successful New Jersey discrimination lawyer can secure money damages. An individual may also be reinstated, promoted, or placed in a new position.

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