New Jersey Employment Attorneys Fight New Jersey Workplace Violations

Experienced legal team is devoted to protecting employees' rights

Deutsch Atkins & Kleinfeldt, P.C., one of the largest plaintiffs’ law firms in New Jersey, advocates for employees whose rights have been violated in the workplace. Our team of lawyers has prevailed in cases that have altered the landscape of the state’s discrimination and employment law. When you bring your employment law claim to Deutsch Atkins & Kleinfeldt, P.C., you’ll find a quality law firm with:

  • Extensive experience— The firm has more than 30 years of employment law experience delivering the best results to clients throughout the state, including Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex counties.
  • Outstanding reputation— We consistently receive high ratings and numerous accolades. Firm partner Bruce L. Atkins has earned an AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, a recognition of his legal ability and ethics by attorneys familiar with his work. Mr. Atkins and fellow partners Neil H. Deutsch and Adam J. Kleinfeldt are included on the Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers list in the areas of labor and employment law and plaintiffs’ employment litigation.
  • Impressive track record— Our attorneys have represented thousands of clients in New Jersey and New York, obtaining numerous judgments and settlements in excess of $1 million. Clients’ results may vary depending on the particular facts and legal circumstances.

We’re large enough to battle Fortune 500 companies, yet we operate on a personal level, treating each client like a family member. We understand how much distress a threat to your employment can cause. Whether you’re one of the many senior-level executives we represent, or a professional worker, manager or administrator, our goal is to maximize your compensation expeditiously and cost-effectively.

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Vigorous advocates represent employees in a wide range of legal matters

In New Jersey and New York, our firm advocates for clients in negotiations, administrative proceedings and litigation relating to:

  • Discriminatory harassment — Although no one has a right to an ideal workplace, you do have a right to be free from harassment based on your identification with a protected group. We have extensive experience managing discrimination complaints.
  • Sexual harassment — This type of discriminatory conduct can be particularly damaging. We assist victims of quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment.
  • Wrongful termination — Though New Jersey has “at will” employment, a firing cannot violate a contract or arise from unlawful discrimination or retaliation. Our firm handles wrongful termination litigation.
  • Retaliation — We handle claims for whistleblowers who have been dismissed or subjected to retaliatory harassment after reporting their employers’ misconduct or negligence.
  • Severance and noncompete agreements — If your employment is ending, our knowledgeable lawyers can pursue a fair severance package on your behalf. We also advise workers on the negotiation, scope and enforcement of noncompete agreements.
  • Contract, partnership and shareholder disputes — Our lawyers have decades of experience safeguarding the rights of business owners and high-level executives in shareholder, partnership and contract conflicts.
  • Wage, hour and leave violations — Whether the specific issue concerns minimum-wage violations, overtime pay or failure to honor laws such as the Family Medical Leave Act, our experienced employment attorneys will fight for the compensation and benefits you have earned.

For these and other employment actions, we seek to obtain the maximum economic, emotional distress, and/or punitive damages where appropriate, through negotiation, judgment, or settlement.

Accomplished North Jersey firm handles all types of discrimination cases

While federal law prevents several types of job discrimination, New Jersey law offers additional protection for certain groups. Our proven attorneys conduct a thorough review to see if a dismissal, demotion or other negative job action was based on illegal grounds. Whether the particular claim involves discrimination based on age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability or some other characteristic, we can unearth the truth when employers try to mask their discriminatory intent. We can explain how New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination allows plaintiffs to obtain a measure of justice against small employers not subject to federal rules. Moreover, the state statute prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or preference.

Dedicated New Jersey employment lawyers assist victims of workplace sexual harassment

People have the right to earn a living without having to endure sexual harassment from supervisors or co-workers. Our firm provides effective advocacy in both types of sexual harassment claims. We handle quid pro quo cases in which a person in a superior position tries to pressure a worker into giving them sexual attention. We also represent clients in hostile work environment claims where they have been subjected to offensive conduct that is severe or pervasive. In these claims, the harasser does not have to be a supervisor, and the offensive conduct can include language, jokes, gestures, images or other activities.

Contact an accomplished Hackensack employee rights attorney to make an appointment

Deutsch Atkins & Kleinfeldt, P.C. represents New Jersey workers in a full range of employment law matters, including sexual harassment/hostile environment, discrimination, whistleblower and wrongful termination actions. Please call 551-245-8894 or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys. We offer phone consultations and fee arrangements that allow meritorious cases to be pursued. Our main office is on Main Street in Hackensack, across the street from the Bergen County Courthouse.