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Determined Employment Attorneys Handle Wage & Hour Issues in New Jersey

Overtime disputes can lead to lost earnings

To prevent companies from taking unfair advantage of workers, federal and state governments have enacted wage and hour laws. An employer’s violation of these laws can have a significant negative effect on your earnings. Fortunately, Deutsch Atkins, P.C. has the knowledge and experience necessary to help workers at all levels recover the compensation they are owed. If you have a dispute with your employer over the amount of pay you’re due for the hours you’ve worked, one of New Jersey’s largest and most successful employment discrimination law firms can help. Our determined attorneys are happy to evaluate your claim and render the assistance you need.

How state and federal wage and hour laws operate in New Jersey

State and federal wage and hour laws oversee several aspects of employment in New Jersey. For example, they set the minimum wage for workers, which as of January 2014 was $8.25 per hour. The cases we most often litigate concern:

  • Overtime wage rate — Wage and hour laws mandate that employers must pay a premium rate to employees who work overtime, more than 40 hours in any seven-day week, or more than eight hours per day. The premium is 1 1/2 times the employee’s hourly rate. However, employees who are classified as “executive,” “professional” or “administrative” are exempt from the overtime pay rules. Many employers, either mistakenly or deliberately, misclassify employees as “exempt” simply to avoid paying them for overtime. New Jersey employees who spend more than 20 percent of the workweek performing nonexempt duties are entitled to overtime pay. Under federal and New York state law, the test for exempt status relates to the primary duties of the employee.
  • Unpaid or withheld wages — The New Jersey State Wage Payment Law dictates the time, manner and mode of wage payment. The law prohibits employers from withholding wages for unlawful deductions, such as breakage, spillage and cash register shortages.
  • Fringe benefits — The New Jersey Wage Payment Law and Selected Labor Laws enforce certain benefits an employer agrees to provide, such as paid holidays, vacation, sick leave and personal days, and the reimbursement of particular expenses.

Deutsch Atkins, P.C. is an employment law firm that has extensive knowledge of wage and hour law, especially as it pertains to overtime. We are experienced New Jersey employment litigation attorneys who are accustomed to handling overtime pay issues and litigating on behalf of employees and employee groups.

Contact our New Jersey employment attorneys for your wage and hour dispute

If you believe you have an overtime pay claim, take action today. Call Deutsch Atkins, P.C. at 551.245.8894 or contact our office online to schedule an appointment. With offices in Bergen County, New Jersey; Rockland County, New York; and Midtown Manhattan, our experienced employment lawyers serve clients throughout northern New Jersey and the New York City metropolitan area.