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Recent Settlements & Awards

1. Age Discrimination claim settled during litigation$2,250,000
2. Disability/Failure to Accommodate claim settled during litigation$1,800,000
3. Gender Discrimination claim settled at Pre-Trial Conference$1,200,000
4. Finance Commission claim – Arbitration Award$1,187,000
5. Gender Discrimination Retaliation$935,000
6. Whistleblower claim settled at Mediation$825,000
7. Sexual Harassment case settled pre-litigation$650,000
8. Whistleblower case settled at mediation$595,000
9. Whistleblower claim settled at mediation$460,000
10. Gender Discrimination settled during litigation$450,000
11. National Origin claim settled at mediation$450,000
12. Sexual Harassment claim settled at mediation$345,000
13. Employee Contract claim-Arbitration Award against Municipality$330,000
14. Independent Contractor LAD claim settled during litigation$325,000
15. FMLA claim settled pre-litigation$250,000
16. Severance claim – Arbitration Award$210,000